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We are proud to feature the latest in our monthly member spotlight series. The series highlights SCTA members and their contributions to the cash industry. This month, we interviewed Ken Serig, founder and president of Advanced Drone Research.

Q: How does Advanced Drone Research support the needs of the cash industry?

A: We are a group of technologists and engineers focused on providing state of the art solutions to the CIT industry using a myriad of drone technologies. We have many goals, but our main goal is safety. We want to help reduce the risk of injury, death, and cargo loss. With our technology we can increase efficiency and enhance awareness by bringing a proactive approach to the CIT industry as opposed to a reactive one. We believe this is what separates us from everyone else.

Q: What are you working on currently to promote safety in the cash industry?

A: Currently, our team is working with a truck builder on a patent-pending rooftop solution for the CIT industry. The solution is intended to increase safety and security for CIT drivers, operators, and bystanders by scouting for dangers around the ATM service area prior to the drivers getting out of their truck. Our technology will keep a watchful eye on the guards as they perform their duties. Once the service is complete, the drone will descend back into its rooftop charging base. The drone can also be taken over at any time by a highly trained pilot in the event of an emergency.

We are also working with a foreign government to address theft and violence within their local CIT industry. Being exposed to some of what is going on has inspired ADR to put in place a very innovative solution involving autonomous fixed wing drones. These drones are equipped with state of the art technology and can fly for extended periods of time to protect carriers.

Q: What drew you to become an SCTA member?

A: I was introduced to the SCTA after one of your members heard about the work we were doing with drone technology. Understanding the unique risks of CIT operators, the association felt our technology would be a real asset to the industry. The SCTA has likewise proven to be a valuable resource for our team as we seek to understand and help solve the challenges the industry faces.

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