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Rod Diplock

Rod Diplock

Chief Executive Officer


We are pleased to feature CONTROLTEK's Chief Executive Officer, Rod Diplock, in this month’s SCTA member spotlight.

Q: How does your company work within the cash industry?

A: CONTROLTEK helps the nation’s leading banks, armored couriers and retailers transport cash safely and securely, run their operations more efficiently and protect the health and safety of their employees and customers. We address individual client challenges with our portfolio of security solutions including tamper-evident security packaging, personal protective equipment, and operational supplies. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have an increased commitment to support our industry partners as they reopen and operate safely.

Q: What is the one thing you want other SCTA member organizations to know about your company?

A: At CONTROLTEK, we provide solutions that protect and are the people that deliver. This is more than just our marketing slogan, it is our core promise in everything we do.

You most likely know us for our world class tamper-evident coin and currency bags. We also offer a portfolio of solutions that help our industry partners protect their physical assets and the health and safety of their employees and customers, from tamper-evident bags, security seals, tape and labels to vital personal protective equipment like hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, and more.

But what really separates us is our people. Our team is comprised of industry experts who partner with our clients to understand and address their individual challenges to protect their cash and profits. We are dedicated to our customers’ success from the very beginning and provide ongoing support to ensure that our solutions are delivered First Time RightTM.

Q: What drew your organization to become a member of the SCTA?

A: The SCTA represents the professionals and organizations we have worked with for decades. Being a part of this association allows us to collaborate with our cash industry partners to better understand their unique challenges and use creativity and innovation to combat their evolving challenges.

Q: What are the biggest challenges the cash industry will face in the next 1-3 years? Why?

A: If you asked me 6 months ago, I would have said the cash industry’s biggest challenge is our current system for the cash supply chain. So much of our business has evolved to use innovative technology to streamline our operations and improve the customer experience, but the essential process that supports cash logistics — depositing and withdrawing cash from commercial cash centers — has not caught up. As our industry becomes more advanced and we have higher expectations for speed and efficiency, this manual, time-consuming process will become a greater issue that slows down our growth. There is a need for better cash visibility to help cash handlers streamline their procedures and make information more easily accessible.

Additionally, with the challenges presented by COVID-19, I think the most prominent challenge our industry is facing is evolving with the health and safety challenges to reopen and operate safely. At CONTROLTEK, it has never been more important to us to provide our partners the support and solutions they need to navigate this new way of operating. Collaborating with industry partners to uncover their challenges and using technology to combat these challenges will help the cash industry progress during this time. We are extremely grateful for all the work our industry partners, especially those who have been serving on the front lines during this pandemic, have done to serve our communities through this time, and it is our commitment to provide resources, tools and solutions to best support them.


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