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Nicholas Lemek

Co-Founder &
Chief of Operations
Elite Tactical LLC

Nicholas Lemek

We are pleased to feature SCTA member, Elite Tactical LLC, and its Co-Founder and Chief of Operations, Nicholas Lemek, in this month’s member spotlight.

Q: How does your company work within the cash industry?

A: Elite Tactical specializes in transporting high value/high risk cargo, including cash, valuables, and art work as well as providing ATM cash servicing and Cash-in-Transit services. Our logistics professionals provide comprehensive, secure, and convenient solutions for transport as well as premium private security.

Q: What is the one thing you want other SCTA member organizations to know about your company?

A: Elite Tactical and its agents operate under the principles of "Integrity, Professionalism, Security." Elite prides itself in maintaining the standard of "The Quiet Professional." We maintain the confidentiality and security of all of our clients in every situation. Using our agents who are trained and certified in intelligence analysis, executive protection, and anti-terrorism, Elite Tactical is able to stay dynamic when it comes to assessing threats, mitigating risks, and finding solutions that best fit our client. Elite Tactical agents all have experience in either law enforcement, fire-EMS, and/or military and have experience coordinating/operating with the Department of Defense, US Air Force Security Forces, Joint Special Operations Command, Secret Service, Center for Disease Control, and local law enforcement.

Q: What drew your organization to become a member of the SCTA?

A: Elite Tactical recognized the importance of forging relationships with industry leaders and networking with industry professionals. The ability to develop relationships with members of the cash industry is important to the business viability and credibility of Elite, and SCTA provides an excellent platform to do so. As a member of SCTA, Elite is able to increase and maintain involvement in how the industry's credibility is developed and maintained through education and certification initiatives as well as collaborating in regulatory and other future initiatives.

Q: What is an exciting development in the industry you’ve recently seen? What excites you about it?

A: The growth of the legal cannabis industry in the United States has been a welcome and exciting development for Elite Tactical while planning our company’s roadmap. It provides a huge opportunity for growth for companies involved in security, secure transport, and the cash industry. While the legal cannabis industry is still relatively new in most jurisdictions, developing standard operating procedures for transportation and security will be paramount. This is something Elite Tactical has already been developing in anticipation of further legalization and growth and it is our mission to become the leading authority in the Midwest for this industry. Maintaining a dynamic approach as legal cannabis grows will provide a tremendous opportunity for CIT and secure transport in the very near future.

Q: What are the biggest challenges the cash industry will face in the next 1-3 years? Why?

A: Maintaining a premier workforce is one of the biggest challenges the cash industry faces not just in the coming years, but presently. Maintaining teams of agents that uphold Elite's principles of "Integrity, Professionalism, Security" as well as working under Elite's motto: "Perfection is the Standard." is something that our company has committed to upholding. In order to maintain the credibility and trust that is needed to be a leader the cash industry, our agents must be best-in-class. We accomplish this by leading the nation in our agent compensation packages. We use highly developed modes of testing and have rigorous standards for all of our agents including not only background checks like most companies, but human intelligence courses, stress training, and continuing education tools to maintain teams that provide the level of service and class that our clients expect and deserve.


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