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We are honored to feature G+D Currency Technology in our monthly member spotlight series. The series highlights SCTA members and their contributions to the cash industry. This month, we interviewed Jim Petit, President, G+D Currency Technology.

Q: Describe how your company works within the cash industry.

A: We offer currency solutions throughout the cash cycle, from the design, production, and printing of banknotes to currency processing systems and software solutions. Our customers include central banks, commercial banks, banknote printers, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos.

Q: What is the one thing you want other SCTA member organizations to know about your company?

A: As a leader in currency technology in all key aspects of currency circulation, we are constantly striving to maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability for our customers. One of the key drivers in achieving this goal is implementing intelligent automation and enabling data analytics across the currency ecosystem. Our vision is to build digital bridges that connect technologies with all players in the currency cycle.

Q: What drew your organization to become a member of the SCTA?

A: We appreciate the opportunity to join forces and collaborate with other industry leaders in the pursuit of an improved currency ecosystem. Cash is a convenient, secure, and efficient payment mechanism and we see SCTA members as partners in our quest to continually promote and advocate for cash utilization globally.

Q:What is an exciting development in the industry you’ve recently seen? What excites you about it?

A: We believe data intelligence will be a key success factor in optimizing currency processing in the next few years. Data intelligence will help us connect the dots and pinpoint where in the currency cycle analytical results and reports can be implemented that bring value to the stakeholders. For example, we recently announced a new solution, G+D Data Intelligence™, that addresses this opportunity. Also, our latest Trend Report is focused on Intelligent Automation with relevant articles from around the world.

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