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February 19, 2018

Secure Cash & Transport Association Offers Preferred Member Benefits to ATMIA Members

ATMIA members can expand their industry-related expertise, influence, and network by joining SCTA, an association dedicated to representing the shared interests of the cash-in-transit and cash servicing industries.

PURCELLVILLE, VA (FEB 19, 2017) - Leading associations in the ATM and cash industries are pleased to announce a cross-industry alliance formed to strengthen a multitude of operations within the cash management industry. The relationship between the two involved organizations, the Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), marks the continuation of a strong, collaborative future for the ATM and secure cash industries.

“Our respective industries, ATM and secure cash and transit, are strongest together,” remarks David Tente, Executive Director of ATMIA in the U.S. and Latin America. “This membership provides ATM experts with a platform to engage in meaningful dialogue among cash servicing industry leaders across the full range of specialties.”

While ATMIA focuses on ATM services, the mission of the SCTA is to represent the shared interests of professionals and stakeholders in the ATM servicing, cash handling/processing, transportation, and safekeeping of cash and coin throughout North America.

Thanks to this collaboration, ATMIA members are presented with the opportunity to diversify their knowledge and network in the cash servicing industry by becoming members of the SCTA. A SCTA membership serves to build professional credibility and provides a platform to address key issues impacting the industry today and in the future. Members enjoy discounts on industry-wide conferences hosted by SCTA and ATMIA throughout the year, lending an opportunity to build a strong professional network among some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders.

Mark Lowers, President of the SCTA’s Board of Directors shares, “The SCTA was founded on the importance of representing the needs and voices of professionals and stakeholders across all secure cash services and operations. We are excited to work alongside ATM experts to shape a collectively bright future for the cash servicing industry.”

ATMIA members receive 10% off membership and preferred pricing for the SCTA’s annual conference. To apply, visit and indicate ATMIA membership for discounts.

About the Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA)

The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) is a non-profit association established in 2013 to represent the shared interests of professionals in ATM servicing, cash handling/processing, transportation, and safekeeping of cash and coin throughout North America. Founding members include Cash Connect-ATM Solutions by WSFS Bank, Coin Wrap, Inc., Davis Bancorp, Great American Insurance Group Fidelity/Crime Division, Griffin Incorporated, Loomis, Lowers Risk Group, Marshall & Sterling, Rochester Armored Car Company, Inc., Elan, Willis Fine Art, and Jewelry & Specie USA. Industry groups represented by the association include armored operators, insurance providers, truck builders, financial institutions, ATM cash providers, coin wrappers, security surveys and compliance providers, and loss adjustors.

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