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Cash Industry Professionals Set to Gather in Chicago September 27-29, 2017 for SCTA Conference

July 13, 2017

The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) announces its 2017 conference for cash industry professionals. Designed to support the association’s mission to protect, strengthen, and unite the cash-in-transit and cash servicing industries, this fifth annual event will attract professionals and corporations in ATM servicing, cash handling and processing, transportation, and safe keeping of cash and coin. The theme for the 2017conference is “Becoming a High Reliability Industry.”
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Sponsor Opportunities Announced for the 2017 Secure Cash and Transport Association Conference

May 18, 2017

The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA), a nonprofit group representing professionals in ATM servicing, cash handling and processing, transportation, and safekeeping of cash and coin throughout North America, announces sponsorship opportunities and packages for its fifth annual conference. The theme of the conference is “Becoming a High Reliability Industry.”
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Secure Cash & Transport Association Selects John Nance to Deliver Keynote Address at 2017 Conference

May 11, 2017

The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) announces the selection of ABC News Aviation Analyst, Patient Safety Advocate, and Licensed Attorney, John Nance, as the keynote speaker for its 2017 conference.
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Skimming Detection and Deterrence

Skimming is the theft of credit/debit card information by a device placed in, on, or around an ATM. There are several steps you can take to help reduce the threat of skimming at your stores.
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Banking Audit: A New World

Additional levels of oversight within the financial institution and third party service providers of financial institutions have emerged since the financial crisis of 2008. This whitepaper from Lowers Risk Group looks at changes to the regulations that are impacting the armored carrier industry and the financial institutions that work with them.
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Security & Collaboration in the Cash Management Industry

In this paper, we outline the CIT system and the cash management industry, identify key vulnerabilities, and propose some best practice controls for some of these risks.
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ATM FRAUD: An Internal Viewpoint

Protecting the cash that funds your ATM program is paramount for every ATM deployer. ATM cash differences, thefts, and losses can quickly erode the profitability and threaten operations. This guide will help you enhance security and reduce risks related to ATM operations.
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Oct. 10-12, 2018 | Chicago, IL
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SCTA Annual Conference 2018
October 10, 2018 - October 12, 2018

Join industry professionals at the Westin Chicago for a powerful and informative conference.


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